Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cities on a Convex Hull

Friends know I love NY with a passion perhaps only generated by ones like me who did not grow up in the city. Beyond that, I like cities that refine themselves to an extremum in some combination of dimensions: these are cities on a convex hull.

LA for example is such a city with its audacious spread (I have a vertical line on the plane passing through Seattle, San Francisco and LA in my mind, no matter the 3D geography, yet for a puzzle in Peter's book, Page 57, What is the biggest city in the US east of Reno, Nevada and west of Denver, Colorado?, I guessed LA lazily and got it right).

Venice, where I am now, is another ex. I visited stores looking for a leather bound notebook and met several proud venetian bookbinders, and the prince among them: Dario Ustino. It took sometime for him to take me seriously that I am someone who would actually buy and write on a notebook worth several hundred euros, but soon we started talking and he is a fascinating master. With an infectious chuckle he looked the part when he said, he was living in the city he wanted to and doing things he wanted to do. Check out his work, some on youtube.


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