Sunday, May 04, 2008

Food and Photographs

In Tel Aviv, the incredibly charming TV chef and publisher Gil Hovav (UK media cites him as "Israel’s answer to Jamie Oliver") introduced me to the exquisite food at Herbert Samuel by Chef Jonathan Roshfeld. A lot of time searching the web and I could not find an article/video/photo that captures the zany genius of Gil or the sublime food of Jonathan. I am not talking about writing that just describes their work, I am talking about an article that becomes an art in itself as it captures the mood and the moment with them.

ps: If you spend time web searching, you will find something. My discovery: a couple who photograph chefs. This article has a couple of sparkling lines:
  • "In the new book, we explore movement," explains Shavit. "The fish will also be moving. It will be wet and dirty."
  • "I was a paparazzo child," he recalls. "My subjects were the Hasidic grand rabbis."


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