Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Bronx B-Boys

The b-boys, dancers from The Bronx from 70's who warred on the street and started the dance revolution, may have grown up and moved on, but the youth world over is still under the influence, and taking it to great new heights. I walked around the lower east side tenements last night and I gave in to watch a midnight movie: planet b'boy.

It is a documentary about the background to b-boys around the world, their preparation for the ultimate annual battle in Germany where nations get represented through the street attitude of these youth and the finale, where b-boys bring their muscle, puff and drink some, and face off for paltry 5k euros, split, I don't know, 50 ways, but give it everything they got. Koreans are incredible and take it to each other along the 38th parallel, the Japanese are elegant and great fun, the French are talented and angst-ridden, and the Americans, each of them brings a gem of a game. The movie for most part lets the action just be, with careful camera placement, and rightly, avoids too much slow motion capture. Nice review here.

You must watch the movie, sitting at the last row at the Sunshine cinema, with what looked like 4 teenagers in rebellion who had sneaked in to the midnight movie, a large man who mouthed off the dialog even before it appeared on the screen and whether you could see it or not, there were tattooes, piercings, and many b-boys in training. The audience came out of the theater at 2.30 AM and a small group of them just danced on the sidewalk, b-boy style, as they waited for a taxi.


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