Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reality 9

Those who fly United Airlines can listen to the chat between air traffic controller and the pilots (Once heard. Pilot:"Up 1000 ft, Roger." ATC:"No, Down 1000 ft". Pilot:"Down 1000 ft, Roger.") , or just the ACKs between the airplanes on the flight corridor (it is incessant. You need to know the callsigns and the speak: "Speedbird", "Reach", "Heavy"). There is the reality show aspect to it, as WSJ discusses (the famed journal first starts with sneaking a bathroom break on flights and later redeems itself by mentioning the bird's eye view from a camera mounted in the tail fin of the A380's). I wonder how much of reality we (or our audience) can take if our research world went live. Not as funny as the ATCs?



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