Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Moods

One has several moods.
  • Some days I would feel like a big black lab I once knew that wore a red collar. I would chase distractions playfully like the lab used to do, breaking pots and peoples' backs with its stiff tail along the way.
  • Some moments I have a research problem in my mind, and I am somewhere between the start and the end, not knowing if I was close or just bearing down on a false alarm, my brows will be furrowed, my head will ache with concentration, and my body will be twitching with nervous energy.
  • Some moments I would wait for the train with a steady stance, a coding project on my mind, deliberating leaked memory and hanging threads, arranging them into rough priority buckets and working through the bugs in my head until I reach my desk and open multiple terminals.