Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fistful of $'s

Some $ factoids:
  • [Clenched fist] There are many people out there now worried about their financial future. An observation: The NY Yankees paid more for A-Rod than JP Morgan paid for Bear Stearns.

  • [Giving fist?] There are many algorithms conferences, they can each use say 10k sponsorship per year, and they now gather it from different corporations in a painful and inefficient way. Is there an algorithmus who has hit richness who can sponsor these in one swoop? A quick calculation shows this person must be quite rich.

  • [Tight fist] I read an article sometime ago that now I can't seem to find: it was about a stage theater in the east village, one of those off... Broadway shows with a tiny cast, tinier venue. The salary paid to the cast for a day's performance: $15/person!


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