Sunday, November 25, 2007

When abuse prevails

This is definitely not CS, but I need to end the day of blogging with something silly. Here are three videos:
  • machines abuse machines (the cyborgs shoot shotguns and abuse trucks, skip to 3:45 in the video),
  • animals abuse animals (discovery channel does an animated series that is awful, I got this reference from a fellow CS researcher when I discussed the m/c abuse m/c theme), and
  • men abuse men (Bollywood in ridiculous action, I got this reference from a fellow traveler at the Mumbai airport in response to the m/c abuse m/c theme).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "Animal Face-off" clip does not do justice to how incredibly bad the hour long television program is. That any zoologist would lend their name and image to a project to determine "who would in a fight between a bear and an alligator" speaks volumes about the state of science funding in the united states.

However, their cartoon of a lion battling a tiger is relatively well-thought and realistic compared to their cartoon of a shark battling a hippopotamus (!!).

3:22 PM  

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