Saturday, November 17, 2007

Le Balloon Rouge

Fall days mean walk in the city with swirling leaves, flying hair, humans in scarves and coats, and children walking with their heads down, eyes averted. Some days I feel like an adult or world thrusts that upon me, and then there are days I feel like a boy or the world yanks the boy out of me. Today, I found a red balloon bobbing on the street, I picked it up and let it go, it flew, but followed me for an avenue block, so, I figured, like Lamorisse's hero, that it wants to with me, and I walked it home. Walking down the city blocks is a danger in itself some will tell you, walking with a red balloon in hand is even more so; I was glad when I managed to get home and shut the door behind safely. The red balloon, my treasure, is still holding its breath and hovering over me. Here is the media on the 1956 movie and its accidental enactment today.


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