Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hot off email

I really shouldn't publicize getting an email with the Call For Papers for a new journal: Rejecta Mathematica. As the website says:
Rejecta Mathematica is a new, open access, online journal that publishes only papers that have been rejected from peer-reviewed journals (or conferences with comparable review standards) in the mathematical sciences.
Further, the website clarifies that the journal is interested in forms of "mapping the blind alleys of science, reinventing the wheel, applications of cold fusion, misunderstood genius" etc. Enjoy!

Btw, you can imagine what an email invitation would say: " light of your reputation in the research community, we would like to extend a specific invitation to you to contribute a paper..." :) The website above counsels authors whose submissions to this journal get rejected!

ps: Mike Wakin, Chris Rozell, Mark Davenport and Jason Laska are involved. All are signal processors.


Blogger p├ílenica said...

I came across an earlier incarnation of their website a couple months back, and thought it was a joke. This time around they look very serious -- I may even consider submitting.

3:39 PM  

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