Sunday, October 14, 2007

Any Given Day

On any given day, when I wake up, get my coffee fix and a hot shower, summer or not, I think of the day, look ahead and search for the moments. I know I would be in meetings and the moment will call for me to produce a micro-, mini- theorem; I know I would walk along the village, take the sidestreets, and there would be moments that will distract me from the walk, a model photoshoot, or a homeless person's possessions on wheels; I know I will take a break and stand in the corner making my telephone calls, and someone on the street will get my attention with their shoes, walk, or animated talk; I know I will walk home, on a good day, in the twilight time like Romare Bearden to the left and see someone on the subway singing opera or a sleeping beside a guitar; each day is a collage and I, perhaps like many others I see every day, look for moments, in some units of iota.


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