Saturday, July 07, 2007

Rap in the AM

Trying to catch up after a two-day hike at Mt. Washington, I was on the subway circa 4.30 AM on Friday, on my way to work. This young man sauntered down the platform, wearing a Tupac hood, dragging his feet in an elaborately stylistic gesture, and he was rapping, somewhat reflectively. When this visage of inner-city cool passed me, I heard his rap: "Peanut butter stuck in my hands, Jelly on my hood, Ketchup squirted on my face..." Even the street-cool have children, change diapers, and draw inspiration from everyday acts for their rap, find themselves sandwiched between R&B and P&J. In a curious way, his prose, poetry and singing tells the tale of travails and traces itself back to the American blues.

Btw, here is a distraction: the patent for sealed crustless sandwich, granted quite recently.


Anonymous xlpharmacy said...

What about the voice of the young rapper, did he had a good voice?

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