Saturday, June 16, 2007

Back in NYC

I had to delay the therapeutic moment of return to NY from a string of travels until the weekend, and go through a long day at work on Friday after the red-eye flight. But today, Saturday, was a June day of summer in the city when the Sun breaks through and penetrates the skin, motorcycles slither out, rooftop gardens sprout out and catch one's attention, light is perfect and NYers are out in their usual clothes, each unique in shirt, shorts or shoes. Rain eventually arrived, but one grabs $3 umbrellas that materialize some time after one spots clouds but before the first drop hits the sidewalk, and simply goes on. I discovered a perfectly cooked Spaghetti at Petrarca (NY Mag Review). And online, the wonderful couch of Pierre Charpin, and offline during the walk, lighting by Ingo Maurer.


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