Monday, January 01, 2007

Jetlagged in Pune, India.

The public spaces in US tend to have a problem: they are either too hot (in the winter) or too cold (in the summer), because it is difficult to calibrate the heating/cooling systems. In India, the problem is bad music. It is loud, anachronistically pop and for a country with great classical musical reportire, a disappointment.

I drove from Bombay to Pune over beautiful hills and traded one urban world (Bombay) for a more manageable one (Pune), I realized that India is a country of walls. People build walls around homes, universities, corporations, whatever, to keep the world out and the gardens in.

Totally jetlagged, I had chinese food for dinner (served by a Manipuri with vague oriental looks in "traditional" chinese garb, with a spicy cook from Orissa, Incredible India!) and worked on Times Kakuro. It is the harder brother, I hear, of Sudoku.

ps: We know Fermat's Last Theorem: there are no integer solutions > 2 for a^n+b^n=c^n. Its trivial brother is: there are no integer solutions > 2 for n^a+ n^b = n^c. Credit yourself only if you get a neat one-line solution.


Blogger rahul286 said...

Welcome 2 Pune Sir...
Its Rahul Bansal from Govt. Coll. of Engg. Pune. (we met @ IIT Kanpur last month).
By d way i hv mailed about adwords on ur email id... muthu[at]cs[dot]rutgers[dot]edu

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