Saturday, December 23, 2006

Notes from India

- I watched a painter on TV who used his blood to create paintings (of gods? of freedom fighters who had shed blood for Indian independence?) enroute to an entry in the Guinness Book of Records (?). Sigh. He was using an old-fashioned shaving blade to serrate (verb) his arm in a controlled flow of blood from his body to the brush and beyond, on to the paper.

- Stray dogs have vicious faces and maligned bodies, and on close inspection, are unique in the scars and persona they carry. I recently checked in to a hotel that gave me a standalone, rotunda of a room, with a flat roof. Before entering the room, I noticed a stray dog on the roof and spent the night on a bed listening to the pacing dog. I was glad at least for a night the dog was kept off the streets.

- Some of the reasons why people ask to change seats with me when I am traveling alone and have just settled into extra-leg room, aisle seat on an airplane: "I am 6 ft tall and can't fit my legs in this space". "I am claustrophobic."


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